Suave Archive Colours - Ambitec

Colour Accuracy

Ambitec Suave Colours and Their Intricacies.

Illustrated Colours for you to consider. We are able to produce further customisation on request. In this flipbook, we have reproduced each colour and finish faithfully. The exact pattern, colours and shades may vary slightly from those shown. When specifying colours please note: • Variations within a single colour, “colour shading” only enhances the beauty of the finish and is more noticeable in darker colours. • For a more striking effect the use of two or three colours at the time of installation can be used. • The grade of polishing influences colour strength. A higher grade of polishing deepens and enriches the colour appearance. • Dark colours are always polished to a high grade and sealed to achieve significant colour depth. • The final finish not only looks and feel gorgeous, but it is also hard wearing, easy to maintain and hygienic. To view a precise colour swatch, please request a sample for approval and indicate the preferred texture and polishing grade.

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