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Tierrafino XS Polished Plaster Finish


Tierrafino XS utilises all the earthy properties of clay and fine sand aggregates to deliver the beauty of nature directly to your home or workplace. The muted tones of this environmentally-friendly finish recall the charm and rustic nuances of Southern European interiors. Tierrafino is a specialist surface finish suitable for use on all absorbent and prepared indoor surfaces such as plasterboard, concrete, brickwork, block work or bonding plaster. Refer to the Ambitec substrate specifications for additional information.


Although all Tierrafino products are created by using natural clay and sand as the main components a special bonding agent has also been incorporated. As a result the cured product is dust free and permanent. As an extra bonus it is both flexible and hard wearing.


The colour and look of our Tierrafino products are mainly defined by the natural clay and sand ingrediants that form the basis of the Tierrafino composition, however if desired this colour can be slightly “tweaked” to better compliment design schemes. Tierrafino XS can be highly textured or polished to a dense satin gloss. Ideal throughout any interior, it can also be used in bathrooms and en-suites.

Selected Tierrafino Colour Range

  • Dover Chalk 3.27

    Dover Chalk 3.27

  • Dover White 2.01

    Dover White 2.01

  • Stone White 3.07

    Stone White 3.07

  • Moonstone 3.10

    Moonstone 3.10

  • Shell Grey 3.14

    Shell Grey 3.14

  • Helens Brown 1.02

    Helens Brown 1.02

  • Roman Ochre 2.06

    Roman Ochre 2.06

  • Gomera Grey 3.19

    Gomera Grey 3.19

  • Just Black 3.21

    Just Black 3.21

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