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Suave Polished Plaster Finish


Silky smooth to heavily distressed, low sheen to high gloss, natural white to beautiful black - with Ambitec Suave specialist finishes the options are endless. This high-quality finish is ideal for residential, commercial or retail interiors, and can be crafted to meet all needs. 


Suave is a specialist surface finish suitable for use on all absorbent and prepared indoor surfaces such as plasterboard, concrete, brickwork, block work or bonding plaster. Refer to the Ambitec substrate specifications for additional information.

Although tonal shading occurs naturally within a single colour, multi-colour applications can be used to achieve even greater visual ‘movement’ across the surface finish. The final appearance can also be influenced by your choice of high grade or low grade polish.

An optional final surface sealer ensures the Suave specialist finish is water and stain repellent and, as an added bonus, gives a unique richness to darker colours.


With the Suave specialist finish the design choices do not end with the colour, or the grade of polish. The overall look of the Suave finish is also effected by the level of texture chosen across the surface finish. From rugged to delicate and anything inbetween, the choice of texture quantity and character is yours.

Colour Application

  • Traditional finish

    Traditional finish

    Single colour application

  • Two-tone finish

    Two-tone finish

    Two colour trowel application

  • Mottled Finish

    Mottled Finish

    Two colour application

Selected Suave Colour Range

  • Natural White 1.04

    Natural White 1.04

  • Misty White 1.03

    Misty White 1.03

  • Greenhithe 1.10

    Greenhithe 1.10

  • Blanc 2.11

    Blanc 2.11

  • Gravel White 3.12

    Gravel White 3.12

  • Tilt Slab Light 10.18

    Tilt Slab Light 10.18

  • Tilt Slab Dark 10.17

    Tilt Slab Dark 10.17

  • Gravel Grey 10.07

    Gravel Grey 10.07

  • Beautiful Black 11.3

    Beautiful Black 11.3

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