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Bone China Polished Plaster Finish


Bone China is ideal throughout any interior with a low density use, as it is more “delicate” than other Ambitec Specialist finishes. Due to the nature of the product it cannot be used in bathrooms or en-suites or other interior spaces where water is present affecting humidity. The surface is always sealed with a special sealer, but the crazing remains “open” and therefore is highly permeable. Care should be taken to avoid spilling any liquid near the surface of Bone China. Bone China is a specialist surface finish suitable for use on absorbent and prepared indoor surfaces such as plasterboard, concrete, brickwork, blockwork or bonding plaster.


The ‘crazing’, which some of our clients have compared to the delicate charm of 19th century porcelain, makes this surface finish highly distinctive, guaranteed to draw the curious eyes of visitors.Most commonly expressed in a natural Bony White colour, the more pronounced ‘distressed’ areas of the Bone China specialist finish have a translucent appearance that seem to be soft to the touch. 


Its pearly lustre looks right at home in a contemporary setting, suiting the stark minimalism of a simple, white room. The fine cracks or ‘crazing’ that occur during the final stages of the curing process can perfectly encapsulate the ageing beauty of an Italian fresco, evoking the warm, sunny glow and history of the Mediterranean

Bone China

  • Bony White

    Bony White

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